tricks to memorize wedding vows


HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP - When you are planning your wedding , you are likely wondering how on earth you're supposed to memorize the whole set of wedding vows . Couples are not the same deal with this in a manner that is not the same , with some choosing to be non - traditional vows such as poems or verses of - the- heart speech at the time. Others prefer to memorize their vows word for word in order to create that picture - perfect ceremony that sounded interesting for the audience .
Should You Memorize ?


Most people do not need to memorize their wedding vows . If you are going to get stressed out by forgetting even one word , consider options such as getting a less stressful line in order to repeat the officiant provide or disclose a number of practical issues . If you can tolerate a little hard work at times in order to memorize the oath word for word , however , there are interesting effects that beat them from the right . Memorize your appointments created in order to experience a more poetic than stumble on when it's your words in the area .

Play Again

First of all , you practice reading the oath of paper reaches you satisfied using the way you 've read them . Consider cutting your words often stumble , because sometimes the oath could appear attractive on paper and did not work at all when you try to be spoken aloud . The process of writing and rewriting your appointment will help cement in your memory . Once you and your partner have been paid at the end of an exciting sound oath aloud , using a digital voice recorder to record yourself you reveal oath .

A digital recording can be listened to over and over in a situation where you might not get the time to sit down and read it . This will also create you get used to the rhythm that you like in the speech and will make sure that you remember where that lag or emphasize words . Try listening to in the car on the way to work when you are short of time, or listen to every morning or evening . Set aside time to listen .

Listening and Repeat

Once you get used to swear either using paper or hear through the air , the next step is the first repeat after the tape . You are likely to re-record the pause after every line in order to give yourself time to repeat them , or you are able to pause after every line , say the line , and then repeat . See if you can work your way from the repeated use of a word at a time in order to repeat the whole sentence or phrase .

Do not just blindly repeating the swear word for word . Take your time to understand what you are saying and wrap your head around the nuances of a sentence . Memorize the words after the word is much more difficult when you do not get the spirit of the words memorized .

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Apply Different Types of Memory

Currently you have practiced writing , reading , listening , and repeated promises , it's time to be involved in this type of memory . One popular mnemonic techniques in order to visualize the words as you say them . For example , if you are no exception oath mention your life together to reach this point , you are able to imagine them playing out like a movie in your first date , when you understand that love , and when you are speaking engagement involves every aspect of your life . More dramatic and memorable movie 's soul , the more practical for you to remember when it's on .

Chain together sentences and letting each sentence using natural ways to bring you to the front one - for example , when you 're talking concerning the techniques you see , the next sentence without considering the practice of listening to the tape yet . This is almost musical rhythm , and will first come to use natural way when you practice listening to and repeating the oath of the longer side . Discover the very first sentence is very set in stone in your mind and let your mind " chain " when the rest of the sentence after that .

Repeat using a regular way

Even if you feel like you know very well you get lifetime appointments , do not stop reaching marriage . There can not be worse than relying on your long -term memory when you get a lot on your mind at this time . During a number of weeks before the wedding , you need to try to repeat your appointment at least once per day from the heart as soon as possible . When you create a mistake , do not beat yourself up on it - just admit that you are creating an error , give freshness to the same path , and the first of the line again .

You just need to set aside fifteen minutes to half hour per day on which you focus completely on your promise . If you are not bothered with checking your mail, call the caterer , or collect RSVP , you will use a method drastically reduces the time needed to use accurately recall how your appointment , so make sure you do not do anything but focus on your promise that the number of minutes each and every day .

This is much like the process of making theater exercises in order . In one or two weeks before opening night , a theater group will hold practice every day to make sure there are not forgetting their lines and fix errors - minutes later in memorizing . Just like wedding rehearsal , every scene will be practicing at the rehearsal the day before the show , so make sure you can express your appointment the day before the wedding practical

When It All Goes Wrong

Despite all your preparation , your chances of finding the latest wedding day that you just can not remember your promise . You likely remember that first sentence , but there are others , or your mind the possibility to go very, very empty . The most crucial to remember at this point is that your marriage will not be spoiled if you get a number less than poetic words .

Revealed a few words regarding how some of you are mean to each other , or arrange your officiant to signal that means they need to ask that you just repeat the oath after their standard . You're not going to ruin your marriage ! Just focus on the heart of marriage , or reveal that the first sentence , and you will find that the good words spur-of - the-moment come to you or vows you 've put all that work in memorizing back to you with a trigger that first sentence .

Memorize your wedding vows will take some time each day , but if you follow this strategy , you can get a wedding ceremony with a profound poetic vows memorized . You will certainly impress your wedding guests , and you likely will swear memorized so deep you 'll never forget them . Sentimental value marriage vows are not likely to be memorized match .